Day Spa and Hair Salon in Reno, NV


Through expertise and progressive education, our team at Michael Grace will strive to create a positive experience for every guest.


Hello, My Name is Hillary Currie. Michael Grace Salon isn’t just my business, it’s my home, and all its staff are an extension of my family. I opened Michael Grace March 1st 2014, and before I decided I would take the leap of opening my own hair salon in Reno, I looked at other salons.  I felt like most were not only not good for me, but also not good for my clients. I wanted my clients to feel like they were coming home. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything that had that feeling, so I decided to create it myself. Thus Michael Grace Salon and Spa in Reno, NV was born. 



Michael Grace’s name was pulled from two of my very favorite people Payton Michael (my son) and Hadley Grace (my daughter), we nestled the salon into what we felt was an up and coming area with a strong sense of community. We were right! The community is amazing! Michael Grace Salon and Spa in Reno has one of the most beautiful commercial views this side of Tahoe. I hope Michael Grace’s clients feel like we do when we walk through the door, like they belong to a part of our family.


Michael Grace Salon is a Day Spa in Reno, NV specializing in haircuts, facials, chemical peels, body waxing, and much more. We are one of the best hair salons in Reno NV!